Our Services

Specializing in owner-managed businesses

Our partners and staff specialize in dealing with the needs of entrepreneurs that own and operate small to medium size businesses. We can help you decide whether or not to incorporate and answer all of your business start-up questions. We provide you with advice regarding bookkeeping and accounting matters and methods to minimize taxes. We advise you on corporate share structures that maximize the benefits of income-splitting with family members and saving personal and corporate income taxes. Many of our clients have successful businesses - we assist them with their expansion and, ultimately, their succession requirements.

Accounting and Auditing

It is critical that your business maintain relevant and timely financial information. Professional advice includes accounting assistance, financial statement preparation, review and audit services. We focus on understanding your business to provide you with useful recommendations.

Income Tax Planning

Our team provides specialized income tax planning that will help you, your family and your company minimize taxes at a time when our government's legislation is becoming increasingly complex.

Estate Planning

Tax planning prior to death is an essential component of structuring your affairs. We can review your will, assets, and tax situation to ensure that your wishes will materialize. Read more on Estate Tax.

Financial Planning

Small business entrepreneurs face many significant challenges in today's competitive climate. A key ingredient to meeting those challenges is having a well organized and sound financial plan.

Non-profit Organizations

We know that non-profit organizations have special needs. We can provide advice in the areas of cash management and budgeting in addition to assistance with the unique accounting and compliance issues facing non-profit organizations.

Sales Taxes

GST/HST sales taxes are governed by legislation that will continue to evolve over time. We stay informed of current developments and can assist you in your day to day operations to minimize cash flow and administrative burdens.